Saturday, June 30, 2012

Of foreseen reactions

As the current actions and circumstances usually bring me to unexpected dead-ends and crash landings, I long for a future when I could develop my actions knowing of their consequences. If I can grow more sure of the place my actions lead me, I will be much more effective in the ways of traversing these areas, even if the consequences are negative, I can converge them for my benefit.

It already happens in some places. It’s the case of the failure done on purpose, for revengeful recovery. The only problem with trying to foresee my reactions is the problem of drained batteries, as my reactions to situations can change. For instance, if I’m chasing my falls on purpose, these falls will no longer be like falls, or at least not as awful to fuel development.

Apparently the tolls I pay for the release and restraint exercises seem to happen with enough frequence to look like steady reactions I can work on without many suprising turns. But for that I will have to throw the experiment some times more to be sure of it. It’s risky and the tolls make me lose precious time (not to mention I fear the risk of  finding them killing my enthusiasm little by little), but understanding the effects these two lines of pace is fundamentally important to me.

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