Saturday, June 30, 2012

Of wasted cosmic chances

Writing down my thoughts so far have presented basically just positive feedbacks, though the complexity that is writing makes me discouraged sometimes. But as I get used to it and do more advanced exploits, noting down every and each seed of thought has been getting very, very useful for me.

The problem is that jotting down every realization is just impossible. There is, of course, the consistent positive feedback that is how important ideas aren’t forgotten as easily (or they keep weighing my mind), but still, smaller seeds of significant importance can be lost. And some of them appear to be lost if not written down in a short amount of time. It’s as if quintessences had an expiration date before they vanish.

By not writing every little thought I have I can profit from it by having the seed developing itself better before it’s actually written down. It’s one of these double-edged choices, but I think it’s much safer to write all ideas, even if they’re not going to be used later in the actual texts on this blog.

If I am successful to have the idea expressed materially, then the quintessence seems to live longer. After all, I’ve managed to keep something to remember of its existence. Even if a minor generation has changed and it’s already gone, at least I can use those delta stones, and by so I can force my thoughts on it and revive the feeling it once was.

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