Saturday, June 30, 2012

Of background turned into sprites

A practical view of the world seems to be achieved mostly by being sufficiently aware of the surrounding world and the tools it offers. But our usual approach toward the world is so superficial and untrained that we will usually ignore all these convergent possibilities.

When a routine starts to be developed, I’ve noticed I have the tendency to find one path to follow, which is great for efficiency and even safety. Naturally, it becomes a vice, and all those other things that are excluded from this path accumulate and, if not being handled, they become cobweb-like weights.

This idea comes as an emotional response from varying activities, including organization and cleaning. As I get myself involved with routine activities and leave other objects to second plan, they eventually disappear from my range of consciousness.

My first guess to loosen that vice would try increasing my perceptive skills and trying to be aware of every little element of logistic that surrounds me (be it in a material world or in this metaphysical one). It would be asking too much to expect to find a use for every little thing, but I know I can be aware to the things that surround me and casting this little spell-like annotation on them, which seems to make my mind work incredibly more agile.

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