Saturday, June 30, 2012

Of trance measurement

Being aware of the trance is almost sure to trigger the Hawthorne’s Block. And this has been one of the biggest drawbacks in naming this effect in my mind. Since I’ve been aware of something that came to be called Trance, they have been derailed by the very acknowledgement of the experience.

But as important as it has been to this whole project, it has to be examined minutely, and I have to make sacrifices for that. Some ideas will be sadly dismantled and I have to take the risk of them not coming back while I study characteristics of the trances as a search for hints of how they were achieved by my mind. But the first step for now seems to first make some survey on the dimensions of this phenomenon.

Trances are going to be measured by me with this kilo/mega/giga system (doesn’t it have a name?). So as for now, I’ll have them measured in KT, MT and GT units. I don’t intend to go over 1gt, it’s one acceptable limit that seems to brake my cracked overcrations: there will be no teratrances or petatrances.

If I am to perceive a trance and measure it in trance units, 1000kt becomes 1mt (I’ll ignore that 1024 detail here). But as I’m still learning how to measure it, I’ll go by fewer steps of measurement. While I’m still beginning my measuring skills, I’ll first settle to 1kt, 500kt, 1mt, 500mt and 1gt. Then, slowly as I get more adapted to it (and do my measurement of the trances more subtly as a way not to derail the current trance and lose the ideas), I’ll be able to bring a more precise definition of the trances (and maybe, just maybe I can think of trances over 1gt)

The Gigatrance is the most powerful one, when every little thing I look at is deexamplified back into a motif/equation, and when most of my ideas and names appear, in this half-hour spam. Basically, they are the usual feeling I’ve been simply calling the trance until now. But there are less powerful but still valuable trances. When I’m between 1kt and 0,5mt, advancement is slow. There are just some rumination and evaluation, but at least things are going. Trances over 1mt are when the level of inspiration is high enough for me to find equations and make advancements in a healthy pace (and also things are still somewhat manual, which is very good against overcreation and disassembling of selves). This would really be the one state of mind that seems to converge more advantages, as the better one to have extended trances throughout all circumstances.

Also, trances happen to all skills, which is perceived through sudden nirvanic concentration enhancing the spins of success. So, in addition to a measured trance, it would be interesting to make annotations of the kind of trance it is. Not something much complicated, just a letter for the major skills. D for drawing, T for thoughts, M for music and W for writing.

It comes that there’s one more important part in the logistics of the trances: time. The length of trances is usually quite short. A gigatrance is exciting as rare as it is just one every few days, or once per week. But they are longer because they are stronger against Hawthorne, but also they can’t extend much long. It’s not even wise or healthy to engage into extended gigatrances. The one time when I’ve somehow managed to hold a gigatrance continually for over one hour, I would beg for it to stop, as I couldn’t bear all these ideas coming and coming. It came to a moment when the trance became its own ruin (though it is harsher for T-Trances – I wouldn’t mind having a D-trance being eight hours long, but still drawing is a skill when I can mine motifs from, so a T-trance usually comes along the D-trance).

And as a ruined trance goes, usually through Hephaestosis as a sure consequence of the extended inspiration, the measures can go negative (and it’s when my thoughts are stupid). This would be first through a causal aversion that prevents trances from being charged, as a lead heaviness would have it held back down.

This negative part would be some opposite form of the trance so far I think I haven’t named yet, though I know it brings the Realm of Uncertainty, and it’s when Scourgers have more advantage to make their assaults and pillaging. Scourgers can shrink my skills through discouragement and insecurity, and so feeble thoughts come. All this dysrationalia and these muddy, clogged-up thoughts that are so brittle and weak. They usually happen when out there in the real world, when trances (even 1kt strong) are more rare and vulnerable.

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