Saturday, June 30, 2012

Of frustratingly vicious attachments

Creating emotional bonds is one of the most meaningful exercises one can do, in my opinion. The only problem with that seems to be when this bond comes related to time. As unstoppable as it is, having expectations towards it can only result in an abusive amount of frustration and stress.

For instance, sometimes I get myself absolutely in love with some routines I’m having. Being surrounded by funny, creative and collaborative people working with me makes me feel like belonging, and it’s a very warm feeling. So this is not only a matter of time, but also of dealing with people that makes the attachment so dangerous. Knowing it’ll be over sooner or later makes me shiver.

As seeds of future motifs go, I get the same emotional response from my attachment to my own generations. Knowing of them, and knowing they are changing and knowing I can’t do a thing to prevent it all from happening makes it all a frustratingly vicious attachment.

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