Saturday, June 30, 2012

Of Dark Army (Scourgers and Saboteers)

For the longest time the exploration of Fire Ensemble’s foes was denied. But now is the ripe time for me to start materializing this idea. And the first important step towards it was the realization that those who are on the other side, they’re not all the same. Some are truly strong, and much more dangerous than the usual things I fight.

Mindtraps, blindfolds and other things are just here as to sabotage my doings, they are separated from the true menace (though can still be connected to them). Although Procrastinator, the Mermaid Thoughts and Jack of All Trades, for instance, are dangerous, they don’t take the better of me. No, these enemies that can bring me down and keep me miserable are going to be called Scourgers.

Two of them were shown already. The first of them to be discovered was Csillag. I’m still in doubt whether it’s a true enemy, as it makes favors for the Fire Ensemble, but as it can bring me terror with the guilt and regret and makes me feel terrible, I think his presence here is well cast. His appearance is to me like an old but strong old man, slightly giant and savage-looking, I think. Then there was Wormtongue. It’s the depressive, pessimistic spirit that is always trying to persuade me into giving up. His appearance is to me exactly like the one in The Two Towers, because if I’m going to rip something off, I am doing it perfectly.

Then there are other poignant feelings I am always meeting, and it’s the meaninglessness and the emptiness. They’re going to be called, respectively, Frosq and Iis, because of their capacity of putting out the warm feelings inside of me. They’re first coming to my head like slim, pale, ophidian beings.

The feeling I used to call Lead Sorrow here becomes Lead Warrior. It doesn’t get a name like the others because I honestly like the feeling it gives me, like his armor hides his appearance and his helmet hides his face. The disheartened response sometimes I have towards the world is to me this Scourger in action.

Representing the painful crash landings after the trances, I have Hepheastosis. Although it can show some interesting possibilities, it also brings too many risks by being this easily related with Hephaestus. I won’t delve much further for now.

And lastly, at least for now, I’ve got Ushag and Qareen. The first one represents my image and things I touch, and how unappealing they all are. He has connections with Wormtongue I still have to explore, but for now it seems he backs up those degrading speeches. It’s a tricky being as he represents my overall unattractiveness, but if he was like this himself, he would be his own problem, wouldn’t it? No, it’s more like he represents the Young Brother Syndrome. Qareen, on the other hand, represents my jealousy towards the success of others. It’s my jealousy of handsome man, of those who are charming and are attractive to all the girls. He’s the opposite of Ushag. Qareen is all I am not, and all I wish I was.

As recent as them both are, I haven’t got them an image already. Hell, I don’t understand them enough to describe their place in here, but here inside they’re two very solid quintessences. It might seem like a very short description, but the simple act of naming them represents a whole world to me.

So, unlike the Fire Ensemble, where I like to keep it forever just five of them, here I’ll make the Scourgers limitless in number. It’s good both for an interesting differentiation between the heroes and villains, but also the Scourgers are a good chance for me to practice character naming (which is, interesting enough, my safest bet in making them weaker). I’ll try, within limits of reasonability, to name new ones for each shade of difference between one quintessence and other. In other words, this quest has just begun.

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