Saturday, June 30, 2012

Of healthy paths (undamaged resilience)

I have always had the feeling there’s something hidden, lurking around to take the better of me. It’s as if I’m always doing something that can deteriorate my whole project from inside out. It’s something I’m constantly, obsessively trying to be extremely careful about. But as sylvan as it is, I can never know where it could come from.

If extreme dedication can bring me to a deadlock, I must try to know if it can truly bring harm to my work, and then know of how I can avoid it. But then, excessive avoidance can be that harmful agent. So balance would be the way, but being too careful about equilibrium is a dangerous vice as well.

I haven’t found the healthy path. Having ideas can be as dangerous as not having them and I pay a toll for both. But I’m supporting the belief that somewhere along these trails there must be one safe road made of steps that can safeguard my development. It would be one sacred equation.

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