Saturday, June 30, 2012

Of futurewards projections

That’s one important note to remember before embarking in effective Delta travels: sometimes the perspective of the future is that can define one generation the best. And not only define, but also affect on how it used to behave or feel the way it did. And as generations are replaced, we can recall mostly what we once were, but hardly the desires and dreams we used to nourish.

It makes me think of youth. I’m young still, but some vicious attachment to this desire to develop myself the fastest I can makes me sometimes have the feeling that “glorious” days are already gone. And it felt glorious before only because I knew I had a long way to go, and all the possible ways my future could unfold into would be a thrilling and also exciting.

Now, as time flows and the exciting unfolded future has become a solid past of boringness, it seems to become, still slowly, but increasingly harder to engage into enterprises with the same innocent and burning passion of believing in success could happen upon me.

But honestly, there’s still seven years before I reach my thirties, and even then it’s not like my youth has to be gone by then, just as I can in this age nourish my childhood by recalling it. Sometimes it seems to be paid with the price of regret and guilt for doing something on which the time it belongs to is already gone… but…

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