Saturday, June 30, 2012

Of Causal Adherence (or Aversion)

Though the Wehmut Process covers a good part of the crest theory for my understanding of the way it works, it’s still just a vague definition of it all. Alone it can’t do much, but there is this neighboring quintessence that is helping me to increase the understanding of the subject, as it brings together experiences that were somehow meaningful to the mind.

The Causal Adherence is the concept that the mind acknowledges the experience as the cause of its reactions. Depending on the effect the experience has over my mind, it’ll either adhere to it, or avoid it as a mean of self-protection. For instance, if I once had success in achieving concentration for writing trance by turning off the lights and turning on some black metal, my mind seems to suggest very subtly this reenactment for the desired state of mind to happen again.

The problem is that the adherence is rushed as it will bring together an expected response that isn’t granted to happen anyway. The core of the issue is how easily my mind has been sticking to this belief. It’s as if it has become way too sensitive to any patterns of actions and reactions, but this is not exactly welcomed. In fact, depending on the damage it can do (especially the Causal Aversion), I am afraid it could even be considered a mindtrap.

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