Saturday, June 30, 2012

Of psychosomatic interferences

Healthiness of my body was something that I never had to worry about. I never had any serious injury or disease sometimes I am even curious to know how it feels like. However, all the healthiness my body possesses seem to be almost inversely proportional to the well-being of my mind.

In the beginning of the month I had fallen to my bed due to an intoxication. As unused I am to being actually sick, the firstly soft feeling of an aching stomach was confused by me as some emotional trouble. For instance, the burning feeling of love I’ve got so fused with the feeling of hunger that lack of food created my weirdest crest.

I can’t make a diagnosis of it myself, but the way it all worked out, I have the belief my state of mind brought down my immunization this low. I have the feeling my body wouldn’t fall so easily for an intoxication – it was just one piece of that suspicious pizza. When I think of it, it’s as if the gut-wrenching feelings that I’ve sieged for my planned fall had brought me down. After all, honestly, my stomach was already aching strangely before of that and I thought it was a fair starvation, and yet I was feeling completely out of appetite, and I only ate  forcefully that piece of pizza that would hurt me.

And then, strangely enough, I got well after vomiting the entirety of my guts out, and suddenly my mind suddenly became so unrestrained and unchained again. And the lightness of my mind made the following recovery so much easier… I was stupid enough to be hungry again later and eat the whole rest of that pizza later and, well, no vomiting.

Eh, I might be cherry-picking the facts here, but I’m actually worried my body could be this affected by my mind, or the opposite, which I find even scarier.

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