Saturday, June 30, 2012

Of situations G0618D, G0621W and G0627T

When analyzing my trances, the previous state of mind becomes more hintful to the charging of the trance than the actual trance. Paying attention to how a trance comes to be grants much more knowledge and allows me more insight on how to manually reproduce it. This seems to be a nuclear heading to the mission of making trances happen when I want them to.

First I need to examine some successful trances, even though dealing with them in a tranceless state brings me this strange lead contamination. Still, this can be a very fortunate meeting, as these lead barriers sometimes stand in the way, as if guarding this precious trance. Facing it brings me more clues on how those things work.

Recollecting past trances is hard to do. It’s about experiences that, if old enough, have already crossed this veil, becoming shapeless quintessences. I can’t resurrect them, but there are three situations I can recall, like ghostly shapes, that can tell me of short but valuable clues of how they came to be.

These spirits of past generations tell me of tales that share connecting points. The 18D came to be after a long and weary preparation before the moment of truth. The 21W existed because of its inheritance, as its ancestors had opened the path. The 27T is the most powerful and recent one, but it came to be slaughtered by dark agents when it become too influent and exposed, so its memories hurt him to be revealed. But it can tell his treasure was forged by dedication and obstinacy with the help of some fiery agents.

I rest my thoughts on the meaning of it. Apparently, these trances were charged by the means of a consistent warm up, or then having the skill loudened with training (which made warm ups more effective). The 27T’s is more puzzling. It was just yesterday, now I’m having a M0628W situation, and I can’t tell of how I got to that trance, other than apparently some sieging and a state of mind guarded by Áine and Zhu Rong, which allowed the summoning of Hephaestus!

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