Saturday, June 30, 2012

Of Debossification

All struggles become less dangerous as we keep dealing with them. We might fear doing something, but it’s by doing it that the fear will disappear. It might still be there the second time, and the third, fourth, but eventually, the dreadfulness will no longer exist. It will no longer feel menaceful.

This idea came into existence from playing Zelda games. It always called my attention how enemies featured as bosses at the beginning of the game would be just regular enemies towards the end. One boss that would solely make you miserable would later become just one of the many of the same you fight at once without much preoccupation.

This is a sign of development and progress. It’s when you have evolved past the point of worrying about the same things all the time. But for the at to happen, gathering enough courage to face the fearsome challenges is the first step.

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