Saturday, June 30, 2012

Of Double-Four Rule

As aware as I am now of the importance of the delta travels through generations, I’m also more aware of the importance of more detailed texts for my recollection of the moment when I’ve written them.  In an attempt to enhance the quality of my texts and make them more informative, I’m settling for an increased self-challenge.

Now the rule for length of texts will go from the minimum of three paragraphs, each three-lines long, to four paragraphs, four-lines long. The extra line might not be much of a new challenge, as I’m already finding myself cheating to add a few words that make to the fourth line easily. But four paragraphs, every time… now that’s more of a thrilling defiance.

If I’m struggling to get it done, at least I can expect for it to become easier with time. And I hope it will help me overcome this vice of being too straight to the point. I have to be less tightened-up and relax more when writing. Hopefully, by doing so I can go around having my ideas being expressed more complete.

Fortunately, the exercises I’ve been doing helped me being more concentrated in the quintessence to be described, so until now I haven’t been suffering a lot. The actual problem is the prospect of some cheap cheating. I’m afraid that, if I don’t have much to say, I’ll add some boring fillers to the text. That would be, sincerely, much worse than having short texts.

So, for this reason, I’m not being really exigent towards it. Some eventual three lines, or even three paragraphs could be enough. But I have to trust in myself not to use this tolerance to resort to it every time I’m feeling too lazy to write more descriptively.

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