Saturday, June 30, 2012

Of Freedom Blindfold

Here I can do anything I like. There’s absolutely no boundaries to what I can do. I can pria zie orlts fajraotli ijoman nyotlz anunine linnzui snindopatha if I’m feeling like. Indeed, there’s such an absolute freedom here that sometimes I wonder if it isn’t kind of dangerous as well.

The opportunities to find working solutions are just countless, and being here alone makes me try to find the answers all by myself (because sometimes the areas I’m developing no one else is talking about). One of the ways I try to deal with this overabundance of freedom is to try finding templates for me to have at least one guideline, though even for the template it’s surrounded by this feeling that I’m not doing it in the most effective nor fastest way.

This is close, but not identical to the Overloaded Blindfold. The Freedom Blindfold represents my incapability to see what I should be doing, while being blindfolded by the overloaded compromise is to know what you want in exactness, but being deluded by the lack of external perspective.

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