Sunday, March 31, 2013

Of anti-scourger strategies

Though I rely heavily on time and random chances for scourgers to leave me, I’m learning some effective tricks I can use to expel them at the same moment they are coming closer. It’s not about spells as that requires a control of my mind beyond my current condition. No, it’s more like simply using the resources around me to distract me from the annoyance or pain.

The problem is that my goal is to have trances, and for that crests help me a lot. Spy crests, for instance are highly effective.  But sometimes they’re taken with poignancy or lead forces (specially those spy crests). Anti-lead and anti poignancy strategies are really complicated, and it’s a terrible blow when something I’m expecting to help me turns out leadsome or poignant.

So there are some stages to defeating them (though always temporarily, sigh). To avoid getting to crests while they’re still poisonous, I have to clean them. I think I’ll call the first part of the process Shutdown. It’s clearly analogous to a computer with a crashing screen, being set on reset. I don’t know how exactly I can do that, but usually it’s a vestian effort, by canceling the usual neurotic exigencies that make me feel damaged in confront with reality. Defeating some Zhàn scourgers with the axiom of patience is often a working formula.

And once I can at least bring my emotions to zeta zone, I just need to find the arrow crests. That is, the strange effect that one crest can usually be the exact one my soul is calling for. It isn’t always the same. It isn’t always amber or peridot or lazulite or even silver/copper (which is how I refer to studying history and is the most poignant-free crests I have). Amethysts are easily hiding poignant elements so this spy crest shouldn’t be trusted. But if the gamma is starting to increase, I have higher chances of having these spy crests cleansed of venin presence, and I can safely use spy crests to boost my way to trances.

When, or if, I get to find the arrow crest, then from that neutral place or early gamma stage it’s much easier to settle for a high gamma inspiration and think straight again and reach those delightful trances. In fact, when this strategy works it’s amazing I was feeling so miserable and hopeless one hour ago and I’m feeling so amazing now. It changes my mood in such a magical way that it makes me question the nature of my own feelings for them to be maneuvered like this.

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