Sunday, March 31, 2013

Of hierarchic scourgers

There must be a way to make these reigns work together in a verisimilar and dynamic way. I must find what Zhàn, Lazuria and Ersatz have in common and how I can string these relations.

The only thing I have clear in my head is that there is a main struggle is between Ilium and Ersatz and Zhàn and Lazuria are influential around it. Basically it’s a battle between two of my moods. Lazurian reign is the reality that seems to affect this battle, mostly in a negative way.

And then there is Zhàn, which surrounds all others. It affects all others. For instance, time passes over and I realize I done nothing in the world and I feel bad about myself because of it. And it seems Zhàn grows more powerful and the Lazurian pressure grows too! I used to be a lot more easy-going before I realized I had a limited amount of time in this world and it’s already running off, so hurry! Hakr’s Hourglass once in a while disturbs Hephaestus.

The Lazurian dominance is also huge, representing all the immense and beautiful reality beyond my reach and influence. The small part of land that is disputed by my flames and the Ersatz Scourgers is towards the south (Ilium sits on the east, and that’s clear to me). Another sparkling notion I had is the idea of a chain of mountains separation these two reigns from the Lazurian region northwards.

So it seems to be like this: Zhàn influences Lazurian, which influences Ersatz which, through Helminth, can trigger some Utgard giants. Sfayi, Qareen and give ersatz scourgers power, like Ushag, Fossegrim and the chthonic Nachzehrer. Shadar has some relation with chthonic Verfal, just as Hakr maintains an alliance with Frosq which also can awake the chthonic Zerzet. And then Helminth gives them access to unleashing giants like Hrungnir and Hymir.

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