Sunday, March 31, 2013

Of Story Stages (God, Hero and Human)

I want to use this world as my playground for all ideas I have and all stories I would like to tell. Unfortunately it seems some stories don’t quite feel good in the same ambience so I’m separating this world in three stages. I’ll call them the God stage, the Hero stage and Human stage.

God stage is a more simple and mythological world, with simple movements and sides. Flames and scourgers are blurry characters, much closer to their original quintessence and here they clash head-on. Here they are magnificent deities and their epic battles rage the skies. This stage is remarkably easy to string my feelings into a story, because there’s such a low amount of vertices to worry about. There’s not much logic and coherence to worry about.

Hero stage is for a world yet easily divided by good and evil, but this time with a little more realism to it. It’s like this in fantasy novels, also like in Tolkien grounds. Bronze elements are slowly taking their place, but suspension of disbelief allows minor plot holes and inconsistent structure to go overlooked.

Human stage is finally a world more like our own. There’s no evident good and evil, and there’s a lot of bronze details like political and economic factors. Characters here have also a less evident personality than in god and hero stage. Also the number of population increases, and there are more and more characters and this is just as complex as it can get.

The current stage of my story is still between god and hero stage. And by laying out this definition it becomes easier to know my objective: I long to bring this world to human stage. Then maybe flames are just some old legends (or ancient gods as it usually happens with heroes for newer generations), or then statues in some central park of Ilium.

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