Sunday, March 31, 2013

Of Scourger Stats

The same way I did with gems, I think it’s important to create a little checkpoint of the story so far, so next time I need to collect their names or get other information, I don’t need to go all over the blog and my files to find them. Here they will be:

(April) (1)
Csillag - 1

(May) (2)
Wormtongue - 1

(June) (8)
Frosq, Iis, Hephaestosis, Ushag, Qareen, Lead Army (initially lead warrior) - 6

(August) (10)
Sfayi, Noekk - 2

(October) (19)
Nachzehrer, Verfal (initially Sackgasser), Fossegrim, Raseri, Hassen, Haesten, Älcke, Avsky, Iskald - 9

(November) (20)
Hakr; (defined Ilium, Ersatz, Zhàn and Lazuria.) - 1

(March) (46)
Draugr, Haugr, Garm, Zertör, Zerzet, Hiraeth; Ifrit, Iblis,  Emshi, Shaytan, Shadar, Hisaab, Venin soldiers; Khorkhoi, Yehren, Lenok, Aswang, Nguyen, Loquat; Hrímnir, Hrimthurs, Hymir, Hruga, Hrímgrimnir, Hrungnir and Helminth. (defined Utgard tribe, Zhàn Watchtower, Veszpremer community and Vermilium Army) - 26

And that’s about it, I’m finding nothing relevant to comment in here :)

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