Sunday, March 31, 2013

Of Q. guidance

I know I treat every idea of mine like a dear child. To which one I tell they are the most special thing in the world, but I mean it when I say the Q. Rule is one of my most precious tools I have here. The way it guides my creative endeavours is remarkably effective. With it I know when I mean an idea coming from inside and not external sparkles of inspiration that come when I see a nice word or image, and that must not be trusted because they’re just ideas made of fleeting inspirational lust.

When I’m daydreaming about, the Q. Rule is the system of wires and circuits that lights up the sign that tells me that, hey, there’s a text for my blog. And it quite helps in making some creations more solid and resistant to cracks. But there’s another very important aspect of this internal release that needs more thought.

The idea of Q. Rope I’ve been talking about some time ago seems really pertinent, and not really a returning quintessence. Its concept revolves around the fact that even if I have this emotional content (that is the quintessence) that makes ideas and creations solid, I can’t rush too fast in the process of translation, transformation and transference of the quintessence. It is a needed measure so the pressure over the structure can be tested before adding more weight to it.

This is the reason why this string story is going at such a low-paced development. Sometimes I feel I ought to make this world more complete soon, but rushing not only makes me feel like burning out my interest and commitment to it, as it also makes me feel like betraying the agreement of the Q. Rule and the rope is here for me to try always steady places as I tread boggy uncharted concepts.

Ignoring this and going around without this eventually leads me to dead-end and awkward situations. The more I do that, the more I’ll have to come back and fix something and erase some idea and I don’t like how that feels. I really prefer the slow building than bothering with the risk of dealing with crumbled rubbles.

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