Sunday, March 31, 2013

Of Zephyrous Zenith

The awakening of autumn brought to the air a feeling that exponentially increased the inspiration of my soul. Suddenly I started having several gamma situations when everything started feeling very tasty. There are moments when it’s a sigma situation too as the taste can be somewhat poignant, but it is still just stings in a still very inspired situation.

I’m calling Zephyrous Zenith this grand moment of my sensitivity, even if for all that matters it is a trance like most. The difference is that I’m usually referring to trances for thoughts, while this one is clearly a trance of tasting. It is not productive in the means of understanding the world, or even for creating a lot of things, but it just widens my rims of perception.

Curiously this is when the number of mindscapes just skyrockets. It’s as if my emotional response goes augmented and even little details call my attention and inspire me. It’s one of those moments when I feel good about being alive as I learn there is still so much to feel, there are only too many sensations yet to be experimented and that I have no idea they could exist.

One interesting thing about this is that I have hints of how this operates. It usually is triggered by some special gems. For instance, lazulite, autumn beryl and cloudstone that are usually very effective in creating the circumstance that leads to this delightful zephyrous experience. Unless they are with poignant and lead layers, these are great moments to get into a trance, and then shifting it to the trance for thinking seems to be only a minor thing now.

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