Sunday, March 31, 2013

Of a world to call my own

I think I can sit down and say “I did it”.

It’s a major accomplishment for me, to realize I’ve already got my own land to play with and lay out my ideas. Since I was I kid I’ve always wondered how I could create any original scenario since all settings seemed covered already, from medieval to space and jurassic and alternate realities and everything. And without completely realizing I’m pretty much with a cool concept in my hand, as the development and construction will apparently go on forever.

So it’s basically a medieval setting, because somehow that feels more universal for the human experience than any place with advanced technology (futuristic scenarios deal with other issues?). But unlike it being the real world (or a world hidden in our own, like the Harry Potter universe) or a ripoff from middle-earth, my world is made of me. And it even isn’t actually unique by itself, as all creators of worlds made them from what they were inside – it’s the natural stringing. I like these things I have for being a nice place to essay some ideas, like some thoughts on culture I have (though I admit that’s a tolkienian inspiration) and even understand a little better how to build metaphors and allegories.

And apart from the actual flame vs scourger skirmishes I can use it for any other stories in this place too, as I could have a more realistic version of the world with real possibilities of minor stories. As I once said it, this is a hub where I can actually store all my creations. Absolutely everything can be a part of this world, even if it requires a little push. See, even spaceships can be actual blueprints and sketches by Hephaestus.

As a final note… yeah, I remember this world needs a name, and I’m slowly crafting it, but this, most of all, absolutely can’t be rushed.

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