Sunday, March 31, 2013

Of external storywriting exercises

This story is tough. The problem with the current exercises is that strings are based on the notion of bringing a story from one side to the other. But I need to deal with the scroll regarding the appeal of a story by itself.

I think I’d better do some other exercises in order to practice and feel comfortable with doing these stringings. For instance, I should focus on solo allegorical transformations to see how one shape becomes another in another medium.

Or then, I should practice plots as to practice storytelling by itself. I should try writing other tales and short stories, so it would also be a nice way to refresh my mind as I wouldn’t feel unproductive when this major project isn’t showing progress.

I need to learn plot-building and dialogues. For that I think little tales will help me understand better stories by themselves and I’m sure that will even increase the effectiveness of stringing, as I’ll be more acquainted with the other side too, so I’ll know where to hook the ends of the strings.

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