Sunday, March 31, 2013

Of Vermilium Army

In my quest to feed my white wolf (or rather the white lion), I think it should be important to investigate a little more of the Ilium area. And I think it’s pertinent that they could have an army or something of the like of their own. It’s tricky because I have initially kept all the roles for the flames themselves.

I’ll call them these are the hosts brought to fight by my side the Vermilium Army. They come when I feel really enthusiastic about the world and it’s when I’m filled with life, with energy and curiosity. They are present with me when things feel beautiful to me. If something is wrong, I feel willing to repair. If someone is broken, I’m willing to help.

As the Vermilium forces represents the joy of being alive, of being thankful for the opportunity, the concept of zephyrous winds can play a role in here as a character too. Something like a supporting character to the protagonists. By the way, I feel like this would be a good chance to practice more sketches (even if I already have this many in the list already). These vermilium soldiers do look awesome in the thalassic shapes in the corner of my mind.

But the relation between the Vermilium Army and the Flames should be analyzed carefully. Depending on how I see it, there’s not even the need for them flames to be there. Sometimes it seems they cover the concept of Überflammen. And they’re also related to the idea of Ilium being sovereign over Ersatz. So I think I need to pay the heeds in the slow process of quintessential dissidence here. Maybe if I have this story in a more realistic scenario, they could indeed replace the flames, and I could have stories with Vermilium soldiers (already inspired by Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus).

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