Sunday, March 31, 2013

Of story-triggering conflicts

In my quest to find what could actually happen in that world to create the needed conflict. I know I need to find something that has to fit in the condition of having all other reigns being against Ilium (why does it even need to be like that?). As usual, it has this side in my life to guide it. And so there’s one element that’s very frequent in my life and I need to have it stringed to my story.
How do I put gem crests in this scenario?

My first thought is to use them as actual gemstones, actual mining elements and resources and overall strategic states for the reigns. I’ll call it Blood Diamond Conflict. And as it happens in my attempts to expel scourgers, I am usually trying to find those crests because they make me feel good, but they can’t be stained and infected with lead and poignancy status (that would be the equivalent of Ersatz and Lazurian forces taking these grounds). This would be like a board game, and maybe an economical conflict, which is a very interesting idea.

Another conflict I once thought about is the Iliadic Conflict. It’s about the notion that Áine and Trygve are originally from Ersatz origin. And it also involves the neurosis that is to keep the Ilium qualities like reason, love and creativity: that is, it’s around the idea that, yes, maybe my flames are the invaders in this peaceful land of accepted inferiority.

With those two conflicts I can make something flow from it, but there are other things missing from it. The problem is, I don’t what it is that is missing. I don’t even know the question for that yet, let alone know the answer.

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