Sunday, March 31, 2013

Of Zhàn’s Watchtower

I’ve once had the sparkling notion of having some of them time scourgers present in close proximity to go on sentry surveillance. As the idea is sticking with me all along since then, I’m going to call it the Zhàn Watchtower. And it quite makes sense since time isn’t something I can see in its own plenitude.

The whole empire is actually too much for my comprehension. Mortality is one of the aspects I must fight to be safe from the oppression of Zhàn, for instance, but somehow I haven’t felt Hakr since that Hourglass incident. There are some of these zhàn scourgers landing in here once in a while and terrorizing the nearby villages with their scary presence. And it feels cool to me to try picturing them like a seafare civilization, blending brutality and style like they were some oriental Vikings.

The geographical position of this tower is still a little unclear, as I think Zhán Empire itself could be like being all around this little continent where Ilium and Ersatz have their petty fights. But the presence of this tower represents the beginning of their colonization, the omen of the impending future, when time will take its toll.

I wonder of the effects time has on me in a stringed manner when it doesn’t simply represent time there too, and that is a fundamental part of the issue. For instance, time makes me weaker, so the strength of Zhu Rong decreases, at the same time I can grow wiser and that represents Vesta growing experienced. But I don’t really know if that can be really stringed without farfetched relationships and if I should ignore it in order to let the story flow properly…

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