Sunday, March 31, 2013

Of Safety Psalms

While my strategies to keep scourgers away aren’t fully developed, I have to have good things to remember while in this quest. Like Safe Ports that unfortunately change a lot and don’t always save me, these are safety psalms as they have to work like those others psalms, as thoughts I force down my throat.

One characteristic of them is for things I have currently in my life and that I’ve learned to enjoy and that I don’t ever want to abandon. For instance, I don’t want to change this ability to have these mental modeling things, and feeling all ideas and images coming. Also, I’m not rich or popular but then again, do I really want that? Just having a group of friends and meet new people and have the opportunities for new experiences makes me happy (and failing at that hurts). But I’ve seen some terribly arrogant and despicable rich people and I see money definitely isn’t need for a complete human experience.

That causes a lot of controversy because of the unestablished subtlety regarding the actual use of money needed for travels and appreciation of art and things like that. No, I mean that you have to have money, but, well, it’s quite a peripheral thing.

These safety psalms are about the things that are worth living for. Studying, learning, tasting. And if I can’t get enough love, I should feel good for giving out love for free. All I have to do is to remember to live in a world of peace and love and caring, a world of open fields and sunny and windy days and without social struggles and ego battles.

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