Sunday, March 31, 2013

Of Tankobon Rule

I could have never guessed I would reach this day having as many texts and ideas to deal with as I, in a matter of fact, have. It’s even weird to think I was producing so many ideas I might now lose track of them, and that some of these belong to a certain theme that is gathering enough mass to become something like a planet of itself.
This is part of the Eva Engines program, which is to make each of these big complex of ideas to have its parts revised, rearranged and repaired. And now I’m at least trying to focus on organizing my thoughts, I think I’d better start taking care of each group of major creations separately, so I’ll handle it more efficiently.

And as for now I’m going to divide my themes into three of them and talk about each of them each month, something like I have already done in last July. This will be called the Tankobon Rule, meaning this thematic release. I know tankobon actually refers to an independent publication like a graphic novel, and it hardly is like that in here, but I’m choosing it because it stuck in my head, and also because it could represent a release closed in itself, an ark with its own resolution.

Anyway, as it accidentally came to be, the first one is when I will talk about crests, gems, quintessences and mindscapes and sensors. Overall it’s about the sort of psychological themes and introspective incursions, and how I can fuel my creativity through it, mostly regurgitation process, allegorical strings and gem/crest travels.

The second one is for me to focus on the stringed story, and trying to apply the creativity so it won’t be so theoretical. It’s where I will try practicing storytelling but also other forms of construction, creation and composition. Also, it’s going to be about how to handle some emotions that are eventually personified, so this is the time when the Volstead Rule isn’t as strict.

The third month is for, huh, pretty much the rest of ideas. It’s more general, and more like a normal release I’ve been doing to this day. In the concept of Eva Engines this is more of these small pieces and small studies without enough mass to become an engine on its own. And that would be a very good use of these months, trying to see which engine it could be attached to. At first I’m planning to understand the equations and behavioral knowledge and it’s when I can try to work with other topics like history and some “what’s going on” texts.

And with three themes, it’s going to take two months for me to return to each category, so it will work not only as seasoning but also sieving. That is, it will be good for some brilliantly stupid ideas to be avoided in time, and also the Volstead Rule as these heart-opening moments won’t feel relevant two months after it (they go over expiration date in an instant).

The problem I’m first facing is about the selection of texts. It’s easier said than done, and sometimes I don’t know if this text involving crests and stories. It turns out my texts definitely can’t be perfectly separated like that, so it’s ok to me if the selection doesn’t go really pure, specially in early attempts.

With the dynamics like this it really won’t be as in-the-spur-of-the-moment like it has been so far and I valued so much. It won’t be things I thought this month, but it will be the seasoning through months. Also important is how I’m going to force myself to have trances for the theme at hand. This is also nice for the organization of thoughts, as I won’t have as many themes to juggle with at the same time. I have hopes I’ll really benefit from this!

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