Sunday, March 31, 2013

Of lazurian friends

Quite arbitrary this rule I’ve made about having only five Ilium fires. There is a point to that as I wanted to keep them intact. But all this time I’ve been feeding mostly the black wolf. It seems unfair how I am talking just about the negative forces of reality, and the way people around me put me down, but I am apparently no acknowledging the importance and role of good friends and family.

Though I’m usually thinking of Sfayi and Qareen to represent people, that’s too unfair to people who want my well-being. I should also think of actual friends and family helping me in this quest.  They don’t quite belong to the fire ensemble, but they seem to be more like someone else’s flames (especially Áine). It’s about that special place when we’re with gentle people, with our family and those who are so harmless to me.

I try not to be too obvious when choosing names, but this will have to be called the Vezsprem community (with a balkan/gypsy theme). They are a nomad tribe because they’re not always there when I need them. It’s as if they were a resistance group, like the Rebel Alliance or something. And this brings an end to some doubts I used to have, but I have new questions to solve.

They can be powerful against Sfayi and Qareen, but it’s not like they have any military power. No, maybe their power is to give my flames a helpful shelter and send them the helpful “you are not alone” message.

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