Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mindscape #7

There’s nothing like a good walk once in a while to reignite the mind. And it’s better at night, when there seem to be some Lazulites refreshing my mind, all while I can find newborn mindscapes and crests.

It seems to be a passive spell, the new ideas and inspirations that are born. There’s nothing like a good walk to bring hope to the mind in blackout. It’s probably the reason that when I’m off to a nightwalk I’m usually feeling distressed. And Trygve’s Songs are to follow.

It was a very interesting experience, the contrast between this harsh and chaotic song and the routinely nocturnal activities of my neighborhood. It seems that at night the lights here get strangely blinding. These songs by Thy Catafalque seem to build some pressure, as the drumming feels violent, but distant, dampened. It starts some response from my mind, as it seems to pull my mind towards another direction (if that makes any sense). Maybe it was the conflict between the chaos that was pushing me to one side while the surface reality pulled me too. They would never combine well, so this was a contrast mindscape.

This strange feeling that lights get shinier to compensate this night that seems thicker has once wandered into my dreams, which only seemed to have the crest fortified. It contains a certain kind of particle, but this doesn’t feel like I’m tasting lazulites.

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