Saturday, March 31, 2012

Of Garnets

I’ve charged before the idea about things that make me feel refreshed. It’s the pleasure to find vertices can be manipulated in original, unexpected ways, like when you listen to songs that make you go “wow, you can do/feel that with music?!”.

It’s a very important discovery, as it will help me with wisewalking. It’s a very simple spell, I find new garnets for when current quintessences wear off, new ones must be sought until these reload.

It could be the returning quintessence I’ve once called spices, and so it can also be related to vortexes as things that call my attention. And here I wonder again on how novel those things can be felt once it’s my crests and my built taste that define what I’m going to like. For instance, I’m more prone to find garnets in female beauty: these delicate faces with curious eyes, or a certain manipulation of vertices that surface a strong spirit.

Now, there’s something about the name. I’m not entirely sure whether I like it or not. Not only it seems to be tricky to be used along the lines of thought, but as I’ve read, it’s used to indicate the dark red tonality that is the most popular color of this gemstone. That doesn’t feel appropriate, dark red can be a garnet, but shouldn’t represent the entirety of the concept (maybe some name that feels white, some name resembling crystals). But as I’ve read, garnets can come in several new colors – something that can feel refreshing (an advantage over most gemstones). Maybe it isn’t that bad, but I’ll let time tell whether I’ve made a good choice for a name.

(edit: recently I’ve stumbled upon the word Zephyr)

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