Saturday, March 31, 2012

Of refreshing waters for thoughts

They say a creative mind doesn’t get attached to the ideas that were created, as the room is needed for new ones. I think it’s an important thing to believe, for intellectual purposes. It’s a dangerous thing, to find some experiences so sacred people won’t try to see what’s beyond them.

Quite often I see people as young as me stating how their life has been defined already, so terrifyingly closed to new opinions and views and experiences. It’s amazing how such young people can act so like they were so developed already. Being twenty-something, how can we really tell there isn’t no more defining elements yet to come?

It’s that very dangerous line of thought that seems to trap one’s mind from development. One should be able to abandon old ideas. I don’t think it must necessarily mean to despise them, but let them go (they may even return).

I don’t know why we act like this. Maybe we’re told we can only accomplish one thing, and when we do it, we think we’re done. Maybe it’s because they tell us we’re adults and as so we’re supposed to have firm assumptions about the world. Maybe the way the world works doesn’t let one calm down to his own thoughts. Either way, I don’t want this kind of mindtraps for me.

I want to develop my flexibility to keep trying new things, finding some refreshing novelties. More than that I don’t just want to prove my potential, I want to expand it.

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