Saturday, March 31, 2012

Of crossed rims of perception

Along with garnets, the quintessence that was drawn closer allowed me to get a glimpse of some of the extent of these new unexplored (but promising) grounds. This is only the charging, so it’ll take a while for my mind to be able breath into a sincere diving.

Like most sylvan quintessences, this was something that I’ve experienced before, but never been really aware of them. It seems that my mind advances through these rims of perception. It broadens my horizons. To cross a rim it seems I need to learn of some garnets that will loosen my viced mind.

These crossings are not really Realizations (though it feel neighboring), but rather something in between it and mindscapes, as it usually occurs when I’m listening to a song and a mindscape. These new rims of perceptions also work with the aftergoal, as they can make me realize there’s so many new things to achieve, which refreshes my mind to try these new chances. They can be negative too, some opposite form of garnets…

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