Saturday, March 31, 2012

Of Lazulites

The exploration of crests is probably one of most pleasant mental activities I remember doing. There’s always something new to understand about me, or to realize about the world as they help me cross rims of perception.

There’s some experiences that always feel special for me. Maybe they define a good part of what I am. They seem to contain little pieces of me in that certain tone of tasted things, the color, the smell, the sound. It’s a certain element in the composition of that experience, the way it reverberates inside me that these things so… magical.

It’s a quintessence that I don’t quite understand completely, but I’m sure it’s a very solid motif. I just have to be careful to tell if it’s not a returning quintessence, as it seems very close to what crests meant to me in the first place…

This idea of giving names of gemstones to particles in the quintessences is very promising, but I must be careful not to go around creating a thousand new forms of particles.

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