Saturday, March 31, 2012

Of Vesta’s Voice

During all this time I’ve been nurturing Áine’s power, her sensibility and the benefits such method would grant me. I haven’t met the stagnation of the method usually found in a system not evolved enough to sustain itself, but I’ve come to find that listening only to my emotions might not be entirely wise.

It turns out Vesta’s voice has been mute or powerless for a long time, and she’very important for keeping steadiness. She’s the serenity of rationality. I can’t go desperate over any issue as my emotions sometimes are to convince me.

But as the quintessential rule and the concept of spells go, sheer words and logical statements aren’t enough to make things change inside me. But so far I’ve been trying to go around it by simply repeating things to myself, in a way I could control my emotional responses.

Vesta is supposed to be dominant in my writings, as I end up trying thinking things better when writing things down, which is probably the reason why it injects some pleasure in me, as I try to get more rational and calm down some of the harsher quintessences (as to when Trygve can’t deal with no more).

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