Saturday, March 31, 2012

Of Quintessential Conversion

Once in a while I wonder where I can get my ideas from, and how I would be able to optimize their fabrication. However, because of the Hawthorne’s Block, so far I haven’t been able to make an industrial production of ideas.

Sometimes I feel their origin is not inside me, I’m just processing the material I’m fed. It would explain how the ambient of my mind would change depending on the mood I am in, historical studies, gamified concepts or whatever is how they would install in my mind and become the resource where I’d be able to mine motifs from.

As my mind seems to be flexible enough to absorb new ideas, they are, in the aftergoal terms, infinite. I just need to find a way to transliterate the world into my intrapersonal language, which would be my quintessential spells. The motifs and ideas are born mainly from these quintessences to be chased. 

The understanding of Crests seem very important for the perception of how something can be converted into quintessences. For instance, it’s late in the night that I find my mind able to regurgitate things I’ve seen lately, a mid-state between being awaken and aware and asleep and unconscious. Regurgitation shows when the Process Wehmut has happened.

Now, of course, the martial decision of trying industrial production would bring systematic feedbacks. For instance, the amount of ideas would likely make the change of generations speed up, and returning quintessences would be more of a trouble if I’m not having time to design it patiently.

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