Saturday, March 31, 2012

Of Returning (and Neighboring) Quintessences

It’s hard for me to go back and read all my previous texts, but when I do, it’s weird to go back and find that I’d been struggling to describe some idea that is now very clear to me. There’s relief to think that even back then in that mess of my past I was already showing signs of a prosperous and yet-to-come legacy. For instance, when I first tried to define emotional responses, there already was hint for future motifs. In the case, I was already talking about quintessences.

But then again I start to think that nowadays I am usually referring to quintessences basically what I first called emotional responses. It is as if it is simply the same idea again. Probably a little more developed, and maybe not even the same idea, but rather the same compelling force.

In a way I can consider it a mindtrap, as I would forget the quintessence was already chased and named, and then as a new generation would come, I’d feel it and chase and tame and name it again, as if it was another motif. It would be a twin, a cloned motif. But if done carefully, and if I pay attention to what would be the returning force, I’d be able to put them apart but still close enough to complement each other. They would be neighboring motifs.

The idea of returning quintessences is particularly important for me to define what motif classes there are. Also it makes it better for me to practice chaining and leitmotifing, as it be easier for me to see the relationship between them neighboring ideas.

As a final note, I think quintessences and crests work with a similar logic: we’ve already got them all. Not exactly born with, but at least two decades of living might have already soaked us the concepts that we’ll try to understand for the rest of our lives. Sylvan quintessences might be just the already witnessed quintessences, just not completely, and I think they would be the ones to haunt me again if not materialized properly. In essence, quintessences might be a myth as much as completely novel crests. Or maybe it’s a matter of having the skill to clean the room and unload the mind from cobwebs (after all, what do twenty-somethings know of things yet to come?). Maybe the quintessences are not in me, just a reflexive conversion of the equations in the world.

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