Saturday, March 31, 2012

Of PaTient Design

Hurry is one of the evilest mindtraps, as dangerous as procrastination. The same way I should postpone my obligations, make it all in a hurry won’t be much better. A strategic approach is required.

Some results seem only achievable when it all is planned and done with patience. Some problems can’t be fought by sending a full-attack towards it. It’s clear when playing some strategy games, the way one simple mission can be messed up if I just mindlessly go into battle without any martial preparation for it.

This motif is easily applied to other things, such as control of my states of mind. It can be used to chasing of sylvan quintessences and to reach all kind of orgasms and cathartical releases. It also seems to make me more confident to perform some activity as I try to take this slower but steadier pace. It’s important for the materialization of quintessences, when trying to write songs or to draw an idea.

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