Saturday, March 31, 2012

Of Moldless exercises

It’s not because I can’t talk about certain ideas of mine to people that I can’t refer to them. After a while, it became easier for me to get the hang of talking about my motifs and my states of mind without showing their names or showing all the theory behind.

It’s also useful as a means of variation and change the tone of text to refresh the reading. I’ve been finding it interesting the effect of changing these lens between vortexes and undercurrents. It’s a sign of a loudened skill of thinking and writing, the way this transition has become easier.

I think this idea neighbors Gusto Effect, so I can explore it more in order to start martial practices of materialized quintessences. It can also be used in chainposting and sequentiality skills when the motif is still ahead but can be shown before, also to prepare the viewer, who can charge them as the idea gets mentioned more often.

Actually, though I’ve realized it this month, it’s still hard to get the hang of it and reproduce it this month the way I just want it to be. I could have tried a martial effort, but I find there must be a limit to all this self-challenge.

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