Saturday, March 31, 2012

Of evolution’s peak

There are things that accumulate and drain my energy as I don’t know how to resolve them. They demand wearing efforts from me as I’m to face those things every new cycle.

As I look to the world I find things that were solved for good. Some answers and resolutions and routines simply work and they don’t seem to be as tiresome. Finding pleasure in a burdened task seem to be one of the ways those things can work.

Some answers don’t need to be bestened. They are the peak of their evolution. For instance, the base structure of vehicles has been unchanging since carriages were created millenniums ago, and it’s still applied to modern cars today.

Some things like the image I use to represent my blog, and the definition as a Cabinet of Curiosities and the overall humanist mentality of the early modern history also are to me like I don’t need to worry about changing. They’ve become fluent spins.

It’s the returning idea of templates and fluency I had before, and that I haven’t visited in a long time. The idea back then was to develop skills, the same way I’m trying to use it to find a writing routine that feels solid and stable. Though I’d promise I’d explore it further, the template would at least be a safe bet.

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