Saturday, March 31, 2012

Of accidental spells

Since some months ago when I first thought about the idea of spells, I’ve had it developed some more (but not that much considering I didn’t dedicate myself truly to it). Basically, I’ve come to understand it as some form of control of my emotions, or control over my quintessences. They are to be used to reignite some states of mind that I feel are important.

With that said, spells can work in two ways: first, the one initially proposed, what I call active spells. They are the emotions that control emotions. It’s done focused on something I don’t want to feel by using other emotions to overthrow them (as long as it’s not done to escape pain through unguilt). The second one are the passive spells, which also seem to be a phony spell, since the emotion I want to get rid of is eliminated by exterior means. For instance, getting rid of pain by listening to heavy songs would be considered a passive spell. But since I’m always getting some form of contact with the exterior world, be it colors, sounds or scents, mindscapes that change the quintessences inside me, it seems they can’t be considered illegal spells. The only problem is that I that I can’t let my senses let the exterior have as much influence over me, which is a problem since all this time I’ve been trying to develop my sensibility.

At the beginning of this month I felt incredibly protected against some menacing waves. Some tall, tidal waves. Something that I believe would so bring me down and devastate me just didn’t, because of this critically, nuclearly accidental spell that made me strong like I don’t usually remember being. It’s only a matter of understanding how this phenomenon works so I can try to have it done under my own control, not something that would happen accidentally.

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