Saturday, March 31, 2012

Of sensed disasters

Being mostly a dreamer, I’m haunted by the Achilles’ Hell of my species. It’s mostly natural that we live in this ethereal ponderations and have no effect in the real world outside. However, this prospect of living only silly fantasies haunts me.

I have such a passion for my dreams that I try sensing any form of disaster that might menace them. And in a way, it’s one very interesting security system, the way I worry so much about them, I protect myself so much against them, I work so hard to be safe from them, that they aren’t as dangerous as they would once be. It’s the logic of the air travel security, that is much safer simply because we’re more careful because it’s just so goddamned more dangerous.

Of course, these sensors might show drawbacks, as I can be so focused trying to protect my exposed heel that I might be too blindfolded to realize this might bring negative systematic feedbacks. Other menaces I’m not paying as much attention to can bring me down by attacking me from the unprotected side.  

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