Saturday, March 31, 2012

Of increasing intelligence

Just like they don’t tell us the importance of persistence, I find it absurd how rare it is highlighted that one mind can always reach new heights. Instead, even in academy intelligence is something that is shown to be something you either capable or not. It’s weird how it’s never shown dumb people developing their mind to a sharp and vivid smartness.

Formal education has always made me feel unworthy and inferior. It has never tried to make me truly want to develop and to do bright things. In fact, if I hadn’t been detached from it, maybe I’d still believe I would never had some of these thoughts I’m having now. Usual means of socialization made me act in a way I’m not able to be completely me, and therefore I would never understand the way I work, and I wonder how many more people are finding themselves so depressed because of this lack of freedom for thoughts.

Then again, it might just be some kind of hope for me, to expect some things might change. But sometimes I face the prospect of feeling it’s but an illusion that we can overcome all our flaws.

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