Saturday, March 31, 2012

Of Hawthorne’s Block

There seems to be something in the process of the derailing of my thoughts that seems crucial to it all. It’s the idea that once I notice I’m thinking about things, and I think about the thought I’m having, the previous one kind of, huh, explodes.

It goes like this for the chases of sylvan ideas, too. I can’t know I’m chasing an idea. If I realize I’m about to feel the idea in my head and even name it I will understandably feel quite excited with the idea that I’m almost winning it.

It’s a lesson not to commemorate before the prize is in my hands. But the main one is that these ideas can only be achieved through a sincere diving – I can’t force ideas. It’s a very good mechanism, it’s almost secure to mermaid thoughts.

And when I make this poor action of realizing the chase, the idea just leaves. It could have become a full motif, but it goes back to a seed. I don’t know if that’s my short-term memory issues that prevent me from remembering things I’ve thought seconds before. But I don’t think so, it doesn’t always happen to lose them thoughts likes this, it seems more than natural to have this many ideas running one over another that makes it such a chaotic place, when Hephaestosis is around.

It’s required the Hephaestus’ presence that puts me in this trance that makes the thoughts flow, and make sincere divings possible.

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