Saturday, March 31, 2012

Of things yet to come

Changes aren’t commonly very welcome. There are moments when all we want is for things to remain unaltered forever. But delightful stasis isn’t something we can expect from life. Closed systems are more complex that that. Despite good or bad, these things that are yet to come have something very special to them: they bring us new elements for our identities.

Sometimes the best or worst part of the journey is yet to come, but our current perception of the world doesn’t show that, as in the current generation of our mind we can only project a future without these new elements yet to come. All stories I’ve read showed this so far, something I could notice when the reexperiencing journeys.

In the end of the journey, the whole of the journey seem to be synthesize in one quintessence only. All the vortexes and garnets and particles together, they will be no longer material, but shapeless ingredients to the our personal quintessences, so let us rejoice new spices.

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