Saturday, March 31, 2012

Of Behavioral Knowledge (Gatherer of Equations)

Like allegories, behavioral knowledge can be used to understand systems that we have no information about. It would be like archetypical information that is seen in repeated patterns. For instance, we can approach the study of a new culture by already knowing the recurring themes that were found in all other cultures. In a very simple example of behavioral knowledge, we can objectively guess that any cultural system is made of political, social and economical orderings.

Also, things we can’t think of, like what is it like to be inside another mind, we could use behavioral knowledge by understanding the behavior of one meeting stranger cultures. For instance, we know there would be cultural shock, knowing their tastes, their views on the world and the way they deal with sex, that can be repulsive for those not prepared for it. Our traveler of minds would have to be someone really open-minded, the same way a traveler of cultures is.

I’m going to work with behavioral knowledge through what I’ll call Equations. They are like are popular sayings and their analogical force, but these are moldless approaches, mine would be the undercurrent mold for them, instead of having it masked behind a vortex.

It’s been the motif that took the most time to be created. But then again, it was one of the most promising and refreshing concepts that’s wandered around here. It’ll be very important for the development of my cognitive skills to gather as many equations as possible.

Gathering equations for each passing pattern that I see, is one of my next missions through this year, now when my inner constitution seems done and there’s a vacant exploration slot. But as I want to keep working with the making of spells, I’d better manipulate the vertexes to make a third exploration slot, though that would very likely to increase falterings.

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