Saturday, March 31, 2012

Of fiery clashes

One of the things I’m most proud of the legacy I’m building is how fortunate the elaboration of the Fire Ensemble was. For some reason, they feel incredibly complete, and they have always been just five of them and rarely I felt there was need for any other one. I don’t remember studying or reading anything about how to separate them for my inner constitution. It was just a very critical materialization of the quintessence I’m still trying to figure out, and yet it was just a natural choice.

But it’s not as if they are without clashing. Vesta has sounding clashes with Hephaestus and Áine. Zhu Rong is in favor of acceptance and well-being of my current self, while Trygve argues for its death. Sometimes it seems that one must be dormant when the other one is triggered…

It’s to wonder why such a complete ensemble would come with so much conflict. Maybe they represent the quintessence of my inner conflicts. Maybe if I get the chance to create harmony between them I can convert the personified harmony into a spiritual harmony inside me.

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