Saturday, March 31, 2012

Of Wisewalking

Neighboring Pacient Design’s quintessence (and actually born from the tasting of these new grounds), arises one of my most important ideas. As they both share this idea that is to know the steps I must take, and avoid these misleading ones. Thanks to Wisewalking, I can take some heaviness off my shoulders. Wisewalking requires a martial devotion to Vesta, though.

One of the latest goals is to keep my stamina intact. I must avoid hephaestosis, and if I don’t have the nuclear protection to fight the incoming waves, I must use Trygve to promptly use the fall for dead grinding. All in order to keep myself always on track, he minimum amount of occurrences of self-pity and victimization as possible. Sometimes I’m feeling like faltering, but I can’t fall for it, I will not give in to it. There’s not enough time for that, I have to use it martially.

It’s only lately that wisewalking has become possible, though. It’s only lately I’ve reached the self-control that is required. It’s easier to achieve the moments of inspiration now I know I must fuel it with novelties for refreshment. Also I’ve been getting better at the Spell of Resilience, which is an active spell that seem to reload my strength to afford the losses yet to come.

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