Saturday, March 31, 2012

Of time, optimized

How happy would I be if time didn’t exist. Alright, it would not bring the positive feedback that is the martial desperation to make me rush and I’d be even less productive. But still, it’s flying by way too fast. There’s just too little time for me to do everything I must do. It makes the fight against the accumulation of things so hard. I wish I had more time to do all I want… but maybe I can optimize the time I have.

One of the techniques I try the most is doing most things I can at once. Not exactly at the very same time, but when I have to wait for the next part of the first task, I can make some advances in the second task. Also I can listen to podcasts when doing the house chores, so all the time I need to listen to them is suddenly optimized (also listening to podcasts is good as the more I listen to them, the more the quintessences from the songs are reloaded. I can listen to them while I make some exercises, and when I’m walking, while I’m trying to practice some planner’s skills.

And not only time is optimized, but the tasks become satisfying themselves. It’s interesting how it’s all a state of mind. People complain at the prospect of doing certain tasks while I do them gladly. There was a time when I’d throw fake tantrums if someone ironed my clothes. It’s a matter of crossed rims of perception, and also gamification.

Also important is to note how the lack of internet has been doing me good. It’s amazing how much time can be lost in these aimless wanderings. There’s so many awesome things to find, but most of the time when I’m online I keep revisiting the same pages over and again and so I am not doing anything else. And, honestly, all the important sites I used to visit, the news I had to read, videos to watch and all things to read every week now can easily be done in one hour the most.

So what drains most of my time is still reading, though. I’m making some progress in my reading speed, but it’s taking a whole week to read a small book. But at least I’m reading a book each week. And I’ve already read more books in the first three months of this year than in the whole of the last year. That seems to be a sign I’m finding a routine that works…

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