Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Of absorption and contamination

One of my perennial abilities is this natural process of contamination with the world. I’m constantly noticing how I’m absorbing other’s expressions and gestures and idiosyncracies. Sometimes I feel I’m starting to smile like that guy, or even stuttering in my sentences like that girl. It’s true it can be so faintly perceivable, and even then it might only be perceived by myself, but that’s the sign of crests’ subtlety.

My mind absorbs everything, and it regurgitates them. There are some short-lived crests that only linger in my mind for a little time. But they represent stamped experiences nonetheless. And they reflect behind my eyes when I stop my life for a moment.

So here’s the Ivy Girl. She’s always quietly arranging the books on shelves. She looks so attractively introspective. She’s got freckles and an inexpressive, observing face that sometimes brights up with such a honest and beautiful smile. And one day I’ve found this smile of her was one of those frames that my mind captured. Did the passion start before I realized it?

These common crests from the first level of the braudelian structure are often, and they are the place from where I can study why mind selects some experiences and stamps them to become crests. Plus, as the vast resource I am granted, it’s also to be used for me to begin to study of these subtleties.

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