Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Of Peridots

I am very fortunate to taste this amazing nature I have around me. The diversity I can find in nature is something so marvelous that it brings me constant zephyrous winds. If it wasn’t for all these trees, plants and flowers in such variety I think life would be much, much less rewarding.

Peridots represent, very straightforwardly, all that is nature. It’s the fauna and flora that surrounds me. It represents the sound of crickets at night, or birds singing when the sun rises. It’s the early sun, the morning dew and smell of flowers. It’s in farm-like places, fields of grass and deep-looking lakes in sunny winter days.
But my main source of endearment are trees. I have such a relationship with them that their presence in the ambient changes the absolute wholeness of my reaction to the place. I have a preference for conifers. Cypresses, pine trees and araucaria trees, especially those dark, bitter-looking ones that if I’m to give it a name it’s going to be Eerie German Peridots. It represents the garnets of the countryside, while my taste for palm trees represent the aquamarines of the littoral cities.

Peridots are also one of the foundations of Áine. It is my love for diversity, and through this gem I can I have a connection with other cultures, specially those nature-adoring ones. It’s the reason I have so many mindscapes while listening to irish, celtic or slavic music. Peridots are in the sound of flutes and tribal-like instruments and can represent the more primitive side of us, the part of us that can feel whole and complete, being free from technology.

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